Services We Provide at OHMS E-TECH, LLC
In addition to all of the great electronic products and
accessories we sell, we have a number of services that we
perform for our customers.

Duplication and transfer services include:

Video Tape to DVD transfer
Audio Tape/Records/Cassette Tapes/ to CD or DVD
Digital and Printed Pictures to CD or DVD
35mm slide transfer to DVD
Vinyl record transfers to CD

Evaluation and Repair

Evaluate small electronics for viability of repair at no
Repair small electronics where economically sound
Refer more advance repairs to RadioShack Repair


Install and Hook-Up Televisions, Audio Systems,
DVD/VCR, Satellite Dish, Home Theatre, and Public
Address Systems.

Prepaid Cellular Airtime and Rapid Bill Pay

AT&T, Boost Mobile, Verizon, Net 10, Good2GO,
TracFone, T-Mobile, and Virgin Mobile prepaid airtime

Pay AT&T, Charter Communications, Consumers, Dish
Network, DTE Energy, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless, XM
Satellite Radio  regular monthly bills.  

Many insurance company bills and Automobile loans
can also be paid here.
OHMS E-TECH, LLC                                                                       Suttons Bay, Michigan
325 N. St. Josephs                                                                                                                                 
Leelanau County's
Electronics Headquarters
We are pleased to have     
Steve Stanton
Leelanau Computer Repair    
operating his business  
right in our store.  Steve    
specializes in computer   
repair, upgrades,  home  
network  installations,  
virus and spyware repair,   
and  individual computer  
use  tutoring.

Please call him at  
231-866-0636 or stop
by to discuss how Steve
can help with that PC of

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Steve's Clipboard - Tips and Advice
                                     Steve Says...

Has your PC had its Flu Shot?

PC viruses are as prevalent as the H1N1 flu is in the winter months. To
ward off the threat of contracting the flu, millions of us visit our
physician or local health clinic to get an annual flu shot. And like the flu
vaccine, there are proactive preventive steps that can be taken to keep
your PC from getting an infection and/or infecting others you contact.  
That vaccine is simply an active subscription for an antivirus
application which will cost between $50 and $70 per year.

New PCs almost always come with a trial version of some antivirus
application typically from McAfee, Norton or Trend Microsystem.  This is
great but for many unassuming users, they are not aware that that
application ceases to keep itself up to date after the trial period ends
60 or 90 days after the PC is installed.  Each time the application
launches after the PC is restarted, a pop-up will appear informing the
user the subscription is out of date or needs to be updated.  This is a
BIG RED FLAG; a call to action.  It means that the application is no
longer downloading the most current set of virus definitions (a.k.a. list
of known viruses).  There are between 200 and 400 new viruses added
to the Internet each month.  So, for each month a subscription is
inactive, the possibility of getting a virus increases significantly.  This is
not good.

We have a wide selection of
laptop and desktop computers
and  most major brands.  
Please call 231-271-2755 to
check stock and availability.
RadioShack in Suttons Bay currently
serves as a drop-off point for recycling
most Rechargeable batteries and cellular